All Natural Skincare & Sugaring

At L'Unica Skincare & Sugaring we use only the best natural, organic and biodynamic skincare lines.  


Maui Vera

 Maui Vera is an organic spa quality product that provides natural sunburn relief. It is a healing ointment to alleviate the harsh symptoms from excessive sun exposure. This organic sunburn relief and after sun moisturizer restores damaged skin back to its healthy balanced state.

Certified Organic & Fair TRade Sugar Paste

Tamaras Sugar makes top quality Sugaring products with the highest grade organically sourced ingredients, right here in the Pacific Northwest.




All services are enjoyed on an Amethyst BioMat. The BioMat is a high quality infrared heating mat used in healing practices all over the world. it has helped thousands of people regain their health from a variety of conditions. The BioMat is designed to help the body heal itself naturally. 

L'Unica Skincare & Sugaring is a distributor of Amethyst BioMats. Click here to shop online.